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Buyer Services


AptBldgTrader Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder is our simple, informative, and streamlined purchasing system we have developed to successfully secure multifamily investment properties for our clients.

Portfolio Builder Consultation
We take the time to understand your needs, goals, and underlying decision-making drivers as they relate to your apartment investing vision.

Building Blocks Strategy
Based on our findings from our acquisition consultation we craft a strategy targeted to set measurable expectations and achieve the desired goals.

Procurement Phase
This is the execution phase of the Building Blocks Strategy, and it’s an exciting one for us and for our clients. Our team members will play an integral role in actively procuring both on- and off-market investment opportunities to satisfy your investment criteria.

Financial Analysis & Underwriting
We’ve found motivated sellers through our Procurement Phase efforts, and now we crunch the numbers and run the data to determine and support the value of each investment option.

Offer Generation & Presentation
We will discuss the price and terms of your offer for the investment(s) of your choice, and we will draft an offer accordingly. We will present your offer to the seller on your behalf, with factual data supporting the property value and your qualifications as a serious buyer.

Contract Negotiation
Our years of sophisticated negotiation experience, coupled with our diligent preparation ensure that our negotiations are coming from a place of strength. Our goal is to utilize negotiation as a positive and engaging tool to create smooth, measurable progress toward accomplishing your desired results.

Escrow and Closing Coordination
Now that we’re under contract, our Director of Client Services takes control of all of the crucial details including opening escrow, ensuring deposit delivery, managing timelines, auditing due diligence, updating clients and broker, coordinating vendors, and overseeing the closing process.

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